Below you will find a short tutorial on how to setup and run BFL ACARS.

First we need to download FSUIPC for FS2004 or FSUIPC4 for FSX. These can be downloaded from here: FS2004/FSX Once downloaded, install the .exe file. Once the install is complete, it will ask for your 'Registration Details' click Cancel and it will now be installed. You now need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (Web) which can be downloaded by clicking here. Once that is installed, we are ready to install BFL
ACARS! BFL ACARS can be downloaded from here: Download Now! Now you need to unzip the .zip file and run the .exe file, BFL ACARS should now be installed.

Once you have install BFL ACARS, there will be an icon on your desktop/program list.

Windows 7 / Windows Vista users must run as administrator! To do this, right click on the icon > Properties > Compatibility > Check run as administrator > Apply > OK > Restart ACARS if open

Next we need to start ACARS and enter your details. Once ACARS is started, click on Info > Settings, you should then see a box called 'User_Settings'. Enter your Pilot ID and Password, you must enter your ID and password correctly otherwise ACARS will not work. You can also change the 'Browser URL' to a website of your choice however all of the other details must remain the same. Once you have entered all of your details, click the save icon. Once the box is closed, please restart ACARS.

Yellow = Correct!
Red = Wrong!

- To login, click the button highlighted in the 'Main Controls' box, you should then receive a green tick if its succesfull or a red cross if unsuccesfull.

Once you are on the ground with your parking brake ON, we now need to connect to flight sim. We now have to connect to our Flight Simulator, we can do this by clicking the button in the 'FS Controls' box, as seen to the left. You will receive a green tick if the connection is succesfull or a red cross if it is unsuccesfull.
Now we can get your flight information. We need to click the 'Get Flight Info' button in the 'PIREP Controls' box. Once you click the button you will receive a message in the box below, if its succesfull your PIREP Data should all be filled in automatically. If no flight is found, you must bid on a flight via our schedules page which can be found here: Schedules Link
We can now start our flight, your parking brake must still be ON at this time otherwise ACARS will not start.
Once you have landed, taxied to the gate and set the parking brake ON, we can now click the stop button.
After the flight has been stopped, a tick should be come visible. We can now click the tick to send your flight off to the website. There should now be a confirmation message that your flight has been sent succesfully.


A PDF version, which includes more information can be found here: BFL ACARS Handbook / Please note that your PIREP has to be approved by an administrator, this can take anywhere from 1hr to 12hrs - Please do not contact us about your PIREPS, administrators approve them as quickly as possible! / Bug Issues and ACARS Support can be found on our forum here: Forum Link